How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out in 2017

Here at our stunning Bath wedding venue, we are always trying to stay one step ahead of the curve when it comes to wedding trends. So we have put our heads together and here are our big ideas for your 2017 wedding:

DIY Wedding

There has been a huge rise in popularity for the ‘home spun’ wedding over the past year, and it’s just as delightful as it sounds! Not only does outsourcing less of the work mean that you can reduce costs, it also allows you to add more of a personal touch to your wedding. There are lots of ways you can DIY your wedding that we love at our luxury hotel in Bath, including:

  • The Place Settings

Making your own place settings is an easy way to both cut costs and inject a little personal touch into your wedding breakfast. Little origami place settings are always sweet, or perhaps luggage tags personalised with photos of you and the guest- great for the scrapbook!

  • The Floral Arrangements

Not only does creating your own floral arrangements allow for total creative freedom, but buying your flowers wholesale and trimming and arranging them to suit your needs is a whole lot cheaper than getting them from a florist. Think jam jar and milk jug centrepieces (you can pick up an eclectic mix of vases and other vessels form bric-a-brac and charity chops) and ribbon tied bouquets for a beautifully rustic feel.

  • The Invitations

A hand written invitation is 100x more personal than a mass produced pre-printed number. How about a nicely designed photo of the happy couple on the front? Online photo printing companies are great for this as the quality of the printing is good, but buying in bulk is cheap!

  • The Cake

Now, this may not be for everyone, but it is a great way to bring down costs. If you, or a friend or family member, is an aspiring Bake Off star then baking and decorating your own cake could be the way to go. you could even use some of those bargain wholesale flowers to decorate!

Best of British Wedding

Take inspiration from Britain’s best and plan a wedding that Mary Berry would be proud of! Think Pimms bar, not cocktail bar. Think afternoon tea, not canapes. Think bunting, not flower garlands. Think cheese stack, not wedding cake. Think tartan and tweed, not chiffon and silk.

Bring on the Glitz

Now 2016 has not been the best year for our little blue planet, so we think the world could do with a little cheering up- starting with your wedding. And what better way to give everyone a little life than with a whole lot of sparkle? Make your wedding a glittery, shimmery wonderland that will completely wow your guests. Not sure how to incorporate glitter into your décor without things getting a little too ritzy? We have got a few helpful pointers:

  • Send off your wedding invitations in gorgeous DIY glitter envelopes, like these
  • For the centrepieces, collect lots of glass bottles and jars and coat the insides with a healthy helping of glitter. Finish off with a ribbon and fill with your chosen flowers- beautiful!
  • A glittery manicure for the bride and bridesmaids is a must.
  • And of course, don’t forget edible glitter- your cake needs to sparkle too!

Green Wedding

Our final stop on this inspirational Bath wedding tour is the green wedding. To reduce energy consumption, an outdoor wedding is the top choice- use candles for light and fire for warmth to keep that carbon footprint down. And keep the ceremony and the reception in one place, so guests don’t have to travel. Then of course come the finer details:

  • Print your invitations on recycled card or paper

And to keep usage to a minimum, keep the invite short and sweet and have the bulk of the information online. Lots of couple now direct their invitees to a wedding website where important details like directions and gift lists are kept.

  • Keep your flowers and food organic and sustainable

Food is an obvious one and here at Homewood, we have just the chefs to help you do this! But, you might not think about where your flowers come from. The same rules apply for both: To make sure your blooms/food are as sustainable as possible, look out for companies that don’t use chemical pesticides. Only using seasonal and flowers/produce is obviously a great help too, as this means they aren’t grown using chemicals or in forced conditions. Locally grown produce and flowers are also fantastic as this means that, because they are close to home, there is less refrigeration time and therefore less energy used. For the floral arrangements, you can even use potted plants as your centrepieces so that they can replanted after the wedding!

So those are our top tips on throwing a wedding to remember in 2017. If you would like any more expert advice from the team at our wedding venue in Bath, then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01225 723 731 or send an email to

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