A Chat with award-winning Head Chef Simon Addison

With autumn hot on the heels of summer, our minds are starting to drift to woolly jumpers; steaming hot mugs of tea; and lots of delicious autumnal foods. Here at Homewood, home to one of the finest restaurants in Bath, we are dedicated to using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the turn of the season means lots of exciting new produce to work with. So, with the changing seasons in mind, we decided to ask our expert Head Chef, Simon Addison, a few questions about his autumn foodie favourites…

What’s your favourite dish on the autumn menu?

We seem to be having a late summer this year, so were still taking advantage of that, but as soon as that autumnal weather hits, we will start caramelising pears with spices; using root vegetables and squashes; that sort of thing.

What are your top tips for autumn cooking?

The same as any other time of year- buy the best product you can afford and treat it with care; try not to play around with it too much.

We’ve spotted some unusual ingredients on the menu- how do you choose all of the exciting ingredients that are used in your dishes?

I wouldn’t say the ingredients are unusual, but maybe a little less well-known and harder to come across. Most of the time our ingredients are chosen specifically due to the quality of the product, but sometimes it’s totally by chance. I’ll sometimes stumble across something amazing in store, or suppliers often give me a heads up when they get exciting new produce in stock.

What would be your perfect Winter/Autumn hearty meal?

I really love a well-made cassoulet. All those hearty beans and the melt in your mouth meat-perfection.

What is your favourite season to cook in and why?

I think that I would have to say Spring, when the wild garlic starts to come through then lots of other spring produce follows. Morels, asparagus, peas, broad beans; that’s when you know winter’s over and you can start to make the food lighter.

What’s your favourite seasonal ingredient?

Marrows, venison, artichokes, parsnips and pears would all definitely be on my list, but I could go on and on!

If all of that talk of cassoulet and venison and other autumnal treats has got you in the mood for something tasty, then why not book a table at one the most superb restaurants in Bath? Book here, or call all us today on 01225 809567 to enquire.

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