An Interview With Our Wedding Coordinator

Ever wondered what it’s like to plan weddings for a living?

Homewood Park’s dedicated wedding coordinator, Michaela Crouch is constantly busy behind the scenes organising some of the finest weddings in Bath. Michaela ensures that all the couples who pass through the doors of our Bath wedding venue have a completely unforgettable experience. We thought it was time you got to know her a little better.

When did you first discover your love for wedding coordinating?

I’ve always loved weddings. As a child I often played dress up and forced my brother to be my bridesmaid on many occasions! As I got older I stopped playing dress up and moved on to designing wedding dresses in my fashion book that I was given one Christmas. Armed with crayons, scrap paper and a stapler I created seasonal catalogues of wedding dresses – although by brochure number 3 I had already run out of design combinations so my design days were over.

It was family and friends that pushed me into planning and coordination. After every party I hosted,  and even after my own wedding I was constantly asked ‘Have you thought about event planning?’ and ‘Can you plan my party/wedding?’.

How did you get into this career and how long have you been in the industry?

From my teenage years until my early 20’s I worked in hospitality – I did it all from housekeeping and waitressing to bar & restaurant management. It has been in the last 3 years that I have returned to the service sector and focused solely on weddings as a full-time career. Prior to that I took a course with The Wedding Planning School and worked on friends’ weddings outside of my day to day job. I have a genuine passion for detail and quality of service, be it food, drink or customer service.

How do you remain up-to-date with the event industry? Are there any blogs or websites that you follow?

I follow a lot of service suppliers, wedding magazines and retailers of party accessories on Instagram as my main go-to. I scroll for inspiration daily so I’m constantly seeing new trends and ideas. Photographers are great to follow as they are constantly capturing different ideas of all aspects of a wedding. My favourite Instagram accounts are: Dinah Taylor Floral Design, Shooting Pixels, Wedding Ideas, The Little Wedding Helper, Becky Goddard, Love from Becky, Claridges Hotel, The Garnish Guy, Grey Snail Press, Ginger Ray, Rock My Wedding, Style Me Pretty… I need to stop, this list could get very long very quickly!

What do you like most about your job?

The creativity and the changeability. It never gets boring – every wedding is different and being part of bringing a couple’s vision together and helping them celebrate with their loved ones is truly an honour.

How do you stay motivated when things don’t go as planned?

That’s part of the fun!  I love the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped find a solution – there’s always a work around.

What’s the most unusual wedding theme you’ve had to try and pull off?

I wouldn’t say I’ve had anything overly unusual – that said I did have a wedding with llamas in attendance before. In most cases ‘pulling off’ is lent to those weddings with lots of elements that you simply have to set up and deliver. Thankfully at Homewood though there is a large and enthusiastic team that work together so I don’t have to do anything on my own.

Have you planned your own wedding? If not, would you consider planning your own?

I have! And in my head I’ve planned another 9 dream weddings based on location and/or styling!

How do you get to know the bride and groom?

It’s a natural progression through the planning process but I usually hit it off with couples right from the start as I like to ask questions about them and their engagement. This isn’t a job for me it’s a passion and I think this shows and relaxes couples instantly. A nice chat over a good cup of tea and some homemade biscuits bonds anyone and Homewood Park even have their own blend of tea!

What elements must be considered before you start planning a wedding?

Knowing which aspects are important to you as a couple so that you may compromise on other areas. Is it location? The quality of food? Being able to arrive by the Cinderella horse and carriage?

For example, If I was to have the opportunity to marry again I would want to ensure I had a venue that could accommodate me and my key guests as this is something I did not consider when I got married – my venue had no accommodation whatsoever. Since then I have attended weddings where we have stayed in the same place and all woken up to have breakfast together and I love the idea of doing that!  It’s such fun to wake up and talk about the day before and staying over stops it from feeling like it was over too quickly.

How would you manage stress as the date of the wedding draws near?

The key is to not leave anything but time to be with friends and family or being pampered in the week running up to your wedding. Get all the jobs done before and let your suppliers or family do the final bits for you.


If you would like any more advice from Michaela and the experienced weddings team at our Bath wedding venue, why not give us a call on 01225 723 731 or email us at Alternatively, download our wedding brochure to find out more.

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