How to Achieve Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are the things that dreams are made of, with many of us planning our nuptials from when we are small. It takes a lot of work to see your ideal day materialise, and no-one knows that more than the wedding coordinator for one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Bath, Michaela Crouch.

The Secrets Behind Social Media

Pinterest and Instagram have contributed to the rise in brides wanting a picture-perfect wedding. Their expectations are influenced by the images posted, but in reality, there are often several suppliers working alongside each other to combine various resources. This is what needs to happen to deliver the day. Aspiring brides are often floored when they realise the costs involved or the time it takes to carry out some DIY wedding décor that a few snaps made look oh so easy! It certainly adds pressure to brides who are wanting those visuals or aesthetic, so I would highly recommend that a stylist like The Little Wedding Helper is sought to work alongside a wedding co-ordinator to help you achieve your vision.

Imitating A Celebrity Lifestyle

People also look for inspiration from celebrities. Of all the celebrity weddings, I couldn’t possibly pick my favourite! One of the reasons I enjoy weddings is because I love all the different styles and how the personal touches make each one unique. For example, I love how Keira Knightley discreetly got married in a low key cropped tulle dress, Chanel jacket and ballet pumps. George Clooney got married in Venice which is a classically romantic destination, and Gwen Stefani chose a pink ombre wedding dress that was simply stunning. The most heart-warming gesture is that Angelina Jolie had her children’s drawings put on to her wedding veil which was a beautiful personal touch. From a decorative perspective, the floral wall of white roses that Kim Kardashian and Kayne West got married in front of looked heavenly! It’s important to remember that celebrities have the budget and the man power to see their grand wedding ideas come to fruition – but it doesn’t mean that you can’t imitate the luxury of the day on a smaller budget.

Don’t Forget Meaningful Personal Touches

I firmly believe that there are no finishing touches that a bride can overlook that would make a difference to their day. If anything, I think there can be too many finishing touches and things going on! This is usually a result of all the ideas and inspiration they have sought across social media pages. One little touch I do like is when couples leave little bedroom gifts for their guests. This could be a little hangover kit or a midnight munchies bag of treats. It’s fun and I would rather do this instead of table favours as its personal and connects you to your guest once the celebration has finished. Remember, it’s all about making everyone feel welcome at your wedding. Ensuring that the feeling of the day prevails and enjoying the love shared by everyone is priceless, so don’t get hung up on the aesthetics!

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