Here are just a few suggestions on what we can serve to your guests:


Our House Champagne is Taittinger. This was chosen by Homewood Park because it is delightfully light and considered to be one of the most elegant of the Grand Marque Champagnes.

Taittinger Brut Reserve Non Vintage £55.00 per bottle

Other Chilled Drinks:

  • Prosecco Sparkling Wine from £45.00
  • Pimms by the Jug £22.00
  • Kir -Royale per glass £8.50
  • Bucks Fizz per glass £8.00
  • Bellini per glass £8.50
  • Orange Juice by the jug £10.00
  • Elderflower Presse by the jug £12.00
  • Fruit Cocktail by the jug £18.00

Warm Drinks Perfect For A Winter Wedding

  • Warm Winter Pimms by the jug £22.00
  • Mulled Wine by the jug £19.00
  • Hot Toddie by the glass £8.00